6 Things Every Hindu Should Do

6 Things Every Hindu Should Do

Here are 6 things Hindus should stop doing. I personally have outgrown the need for organised religion and see myself as a spiritual person. I no longer need to perform outer rituals and visit religious places (if I do, it is only for sightseeing). However, I am proud of my Hindu heritage and can say with pride that the Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) has contributed lots to the world (yoga, meditation, theory of karma, inventions and discoveries, etc.). What makes me admire the Sanatan tradition is that, besides the external path of rituals and worship, it also opens many doors for spirituality and for attaining oneness with God (the Universal consciousness). The mystical aspect of Hinduism remains strong even to this day.  

Hindus must heed the following because one’s religion is also one’s cultural and political identity:

1) Stop calling yourself secular If you ever take part in any kind of poll/survey where the word ‘secular’ is an option, do not choose it but choose ‘Hinduism’ as the option. Please be aware that there is a sinister plan to wipe out the political and cultural identity of Hindus. The word ‘secular’ CANNOT replace the word ‘Hinduism’ or ‘Sanatan’. If Hindus brand themselves as ‘secular’, there is a danger of them losing their political identity and perhaps also representation in the parliament (whichever country they live in).

If there is one word that has charmed and fooled millions upon millions of people (especially Hindus), it is the word ‘secular’. The true meaning of the word ‘secular’ is ‘not connected with religious and spiritual matters’. Nevertheless, this word has only thrust the Indian society deeper into the quagmire of religious conflicts. It has brought about no perceptible peace between religions in India. Politicians have used the word ‘secular’ just for appeasing minority communities for vote banks (and harming them in the long run) and taking the Hindus of India completely for granted. Unlike mosques and churches, Hindu temples in India are under Govt. control and have to pay taxes—all in the name of secularism. Hindus do not need the word ‘secular’ because Hinduism is itself very tolerant of other faiths—there are almost 300000 mosques in India. The term ‘secular’ was completely unnecessary and has burned India since its inclusion in the Indian constitution during 1975-1977 by the Indira Gandhi Govt.

All human life is precious, but in India secular politicians, communists, pseudo-liberals condemn killings of only members of minority communities in communal riots; it is perfectly all right for these secular individuals when Hindus get slaughtered. Blaming Hindus for every communal riot has become a reflex action for secular politicians and liberals; for them, Hindus are always the perpetrators, never the victims. It is only Hindus who are expected to uphold secular values and show unending tolerance for other faiths, while minority religions have no obligations towards Hindus. In India, if a Hindu defends and speaks highly about their faith while not criticizing other faiths, many secular pseudo-intellectuals and liberals still brand him/her as communal. Of course the same does not apply to people of minority religions. Secularism has made Hindus feel apologetic about their religion. Thanks to this word, Hindus have no country of their own despite having a glorious heritage.

It is under the umbrella of secularism that the Congress Party in India tried for years to maliciously (yet laughably) paint a picture of ‘Hindu terror’. Even educated and well-informed people of other faiths will laugh at this because there is no such thing as ‘Hindu terror’. Some vile Congress leaders even blamed the 26/11 Mumbai attacks on RSS (a Hindu organization) even though it was glaringly evident that Pakistani terrorists were behind it (in 2020, Pakistan finally admitted to its role in the attack). There have been countless instances of Hindus being under attack in the garb of secularism.

Secularism, if balanced and followed with the right intentions, is good for a country but in India, it has become unbalanced and toxic. There is a good reason many people now spell ‘secular’ as ‘sickular’.

2) Sure, Hinduism is a way of life, but At the philosophical level, Hinduism is certainly a way of life but ‘a way of life’ also needs political representation and a strong religious identity. If Hindus keep bandying that their religion is a way of life, the opponents of Hinduism might just say, ‘fair enough, if it is a way of life, why should we even consider it a religion and why should it need political/parliamentary representation?’ Hindus should use the phrase ‘a way of life’ judiciously and in a manner that does not concede the dissolution of their political and religious identity.

3) DO NOT STOP celebrating your festivals & traditions – Over the last few years, there have been attacks on Hindu festivals by communists, Bollywood celebrities and pseudo-intellectuals. It is worth knowing that these people criticize only Hindu festivals and never the festivals of other religions. The Islamic mafia dominates Bollywood so mocking Hindu Gods/Goddesses and festivals comes naturally to many actors from Bollywood. It is quite possible that many Bollywood celebrities get paid handsomely for anti-Hindu postings on social media. Anti-Hinduism and anti-nationalism have become fashionable and lucrative these days. You, as a Hindu, do not need any unsolicited advice from a celebrity, no matter how popular he/she is and with whom you have no personal connection, on how to celebrate your traditions and festivals. Many Bollywood actors criticize Diwali, saying that it pollutes the city. Two days of pollution by crackers is nothing compared to the year-round pollution caused by vehicles and factories. Apart from India, firecrackers are burst in many other countries during celebrations; the USA celebrates 4th July (its independence day) with breathtaking firework celebrations. Hindus should not be dumb to even listen to these celebrities with empty craniums! At the metaphysical level, bursting crackers removes negativity from the atmosphere. Just step out into the street on the day after Diwali and you will feel a lightness in the air. It is not without reason that Hinduism and Buddhism have a tradition of bells and gongs because the sounds emanating from them, destroy negative energy.

It is natural for communists to criticize Hinduism because communism is a God-less and soulless philosophy. Communism has no place for religion and spirituality; it holds only one thing sacred—absolute control of people’s lives by the state. The history of communism is full of violence, mayhem, anarchy and murder of millions upon millions of people. Many vile and deranged dictators such as Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin were communists. Attacks on their traditions and festivals by followers of a psychopathic ideology like Communism must not sway Hindus. 

Hinduism is also under attack by many Hindu liberals (includes many media personalities) and so-called intellectuals—there are two reasons for this 1) Many of these individuals are alumni of foreign universities such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. Their foreign education has made them believe that Hindu culture is naturally inferior to Western culture. The inferiority complex has gone deep in them and so they do not waste any opportunity to attack Hinduism (mind you, they never see flaws in other religions). These people recognize the history of other religions, but Hindu history and especially epics like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ are dismissed as mythology. 2) Many foreign-based Hindus (researchers, professors, social activists, so-called intellectuals, etc.) want to suck up to the West to get financial grants, career growth, publicity, etc., and find it easy to gain favors by indulging in Hindu/India bashing. Not all but there many highly placed Hindus living in the West who are actively working against Hinduism. Often, in India, people celebrate prominent foreign-based Hindus because of their Hindu/Indian origin. However, one should verify the credentials, political and religious views of such people before felicitating them. Many dollar-worshipping Hindu Americans will not give a damn even if the Indian subcontinent were to sink beneath the Indian ocean!

4) Learn about Hinduism It is tragic that the younger generation of Hindus knows little about the Sanatan dharma; anti-Hindu forces fully use this ignorance to attack Hindu traditions. This ignorance cannot continue any longer. It would be best to read books and take up online courses on Hinduism—it is about time that Hindus recreate their past glory. Under the British rule, many European historians and scholars misinterpreted and distorted the history and richness of the Sanatan tradition. Western scholars who knew little about Hinduism and India added their own twisted interpretations to Hindu scriptures and texts—this is happening even now. Western academia has a proclivity to study Hinduism through the prism of Abrahamic religions like Christianity. In a nutshell, the fake and twisted history labeled the Sanatan dharma as an inferior religion. Consequently, a deep inferiority complex developed among Indian Hindus; with secularism thrust upon them, guilt also crystallized in the Hindu consciousness. It is not only Europeans but also Indian historians with communist leanings who distorted Indian/Hindu history.

5) Take action – Knowledge about and pride in one’s religion, heritage and tradition alone is not enough. One must be vigilant and take action. As a Hindu, you must awaken and raise your voice if you find your religion, festivals and traditions being attacked by communists, celebrities, pseudo-intellectuals and liberals, media personalities, foreign scholars and academicians, etc (there are many enemies of the Sanatan dharma). Do sign petitions, post at social media and various forums to thwart the attackers of Hinduism. The fact is, danger to Hinduism is real and simply ignoring it will not help. It is sad that in India, most Hindus are indifferent to their heritage and are interested only in entertainment, IPL and so on. Well, the ground is slowly but steadily shifting from beneath your feet so wake up before it is too late.  The sordid episode of millions of Kashmiri Hindus being thrown out of their homes with the ‘secular’ Congress party ruling the then India must not repeat.

6) Raise voice against the caste system Every organized religion suffers from corruption and present-day Hinduism is no exception. For centuries, because of the caste system, the so-called lower caste people have been grossly ill-treated and brutalized by upper-caste Hindus—I call them ‘so-called low caste’ because personally, I do not believe in caste and discrimination at all. This is one reason that preachers and evangelists of other religions bribe and manipulate poor and/or low caste Hindus and convert them. The caste system existed before the Britishers arrived, but the colonial invaders used it to drive deeper wedges (divide and rule) between the people. However, anti-Hindu forces want Hindus to feel solely guilty for the barbarous manifestations of this scourge. It is high time that the inhuman discrimination and exploitation of the so-called low caste Hindus stops permanently. This will happen when sensible Hindus raise their voice against it. The low-caste Hindus have suffered for centuries and this cannot continue anymore. Hindus from all over the world must unite and for this, it is important that the caste system is obliterated once and for all.

In conclusion, Hinduism is the very bedrock upon which India (‘Bharat’) rests. Before the Mughal and British colonial rule, Hinduism was the only religion in India. In fact, almost 95% people of the minority religions in India are of Hindu heritage—their ancestors converted because of torture, terrible atrocities and/or manipulation by the foreign invaders. Hinduism is a non-evangelical, mature and dharmic religion. It does not suffer from the sickening pathological urge to convert people of other religions to its fold. It truly is a religion of peace, unity of all humankind and brotherhood. However, this peaceful faith cannot be taken for granted anymore. Remember that anyone who attacks Hinduism is also an anti-Indian. Period. One cannot be anti-Hindu and Pro-Indian at the same time. Hindus must feel proud that the Sanatan tradition is the only tradition on this planet that has spanned across the four yugas (time periods or ages): Satyug (the age of truth), Treta (the age of intelligent beings), Dwapar (the age of mental beings) and Kalyug (the age of darkness). It is not without reason that it is known as ‘Sanatan’ which means everlasting.  

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