Ignore this book if you want to remain in the dark and sleepwalk through life.

Organised religions have hidden many truths from humankind to keep it in darkness. If a critical mass of people knew who they TRULY are, our planet will become beautiful beyond our dreams.

A good book helps you evolve. If you do not evolve, you become a part of the herd.


Manish Jaitly

I am a writer, blogger, analytics professional, animal lover, and more. Above all, I am a seeker of truth who is constantly learning and evolving. At some point in my life, I realised I am a Starseed. Therefore, I write to awaken people and make them aware of truths that must reach most people. On a 24-hour day, I have a 48-hour schedule. I get up early in the morning, full of energy and looking forward to how I can make the world a better place. Do check out my personal blog.


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