What Causes Diseases – Metaphysical Reasons

What Causes Diseases – Metaphysical Reasons

What causes diseases? Every disease manifests in the physical body only after having manifested in the non-physical bodies: emotional, mental and etheric. What happens to a person’s body and life is just a reflection of the state of his/her consciousness. Our emotions determine to a great extent our state of consciousness (the opposite is also true). Negative emotions first affect the non-physical bodies and then the physical body. What the doctor sees on the physical body is just the symptom of the disease, but not the actual cause. Medical treatment can cure the disease of the physical body but if the three non-physical bodies retain the consciousness of the disease, the disease is likely to return—this is the reason that some people never get permanently cured.

The etheric body is the identity body of a person. If you identify yourself as a diseased person, your etheric body will build an identity as a perpetually sick person (hypochondriacs beware!). The etheric body affects the mental body so you will harbour thoughts of sickness, accidents and diseases. The mental body affects the emotional body that will churn emotions of fear and worry. Inharmonious emotions affect the physical body that manifests the disease. Emotions have a direct bearing on the physical body, therefore it is of utmost importance to harbour harmonious feelings. Discordant emotions eventually destroy the physical body. The key thing is never to identify yourself with any disease in your body. Remember, it is just a manifestation of inharmonious emotions. If you sort out your emotions, not just superficially but from deep within, the disease will disappear. Like a discordant emotion, even disease need not be permanent.

Here are some diseases/ailments and their corresponding negative emotions:

Acne – Self-loathing and dislike for oneself
Baldness – Fear, tension, stress, trying to control things. This explains why many professionals in corporates lose hair in proportion to their career growth.
Constipation – Miserly attitude and a tendency to hoard money and/or material possessions. However, it is not just stinginess with money but could also be love, compassion, time and resources for other people.
Cancer – Deep resentment, suppression of emotions, especially anger, inability to overcome disappointments, failures and feelings of hopelessness
Tumour – Accumulating old grudges and resentments, unforgiving attitude
Bad Breath – Anger and vindictive thoughts
Diabetes – No sweetness left in life, longing for what might have been
Heart attack – Joyless life devoted to pursuing ambitions, money and material possessions
Indigestion – Anxiety and worry over a past or future event
Kidney Stones – Lumps of unresolved anger
Asthma – Inability to have inspiration for life, feeling stifled, suppressed crying, not able to enjoy life because of dissatisfaction with oneself, etc.
Depression – Living a very selfish life, getting disconnected from one’s soul and spirituality and pursuing only a money-driven materialistic life.

It is important to know that many people carry diseases from previous lifetimes. Reincarnation is an indisputable fact (despite some organised religions denying it) and Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Brian Weiss have done impressive research on this subject. Toxic emotions accumulated in the non-physical bodies get carried forward to the next incarnation. Now you would know why some children are born diseased or become chronically ill in their childhood. Some people develop a chronic disease in their teens, youth or adulthood. The seeds of the disease find nourishing ground in the current lifetime and at the right time they sprout.

Karma and emotions are intricately related to each other. A toxic individual will perform inharmonious actions. Misuse of an organ or a body part will without a doubt create a disease or a defect in that body part or organ in a future or the same lifetime. A person who impedes the intellectual growth of other people by spreading false or fanatical teachings, not allowing them to be educated or grow in awareness and so on, is likely to be born as mentally challenged in some future birth. A cruel individual who inflicts violence on others will probably have a missing arm or one hand shorter than the other. This may sound pompously didactic but it is true. Discordant actions and emotions of previous lifetimes explain many chronic diseases and birth deformities. Many years ago I read an article about a doctor based out of India. He was a healthy individual but suddenly developed low bone density which did not get cured even after many years. Upon someone’s suggestion, he went in for past-life regression and discovered the actual cause of the disease. It turns out he was one of the Roman soldiers who had escorted Jesus when the latter was being taken for crucifixion. This doctor in that life as a Roman soldier spat upon and inflicted violence on Jesus, and this discordant action resulted in him being affected by low bone density in his current lifetime in India. Once he realized the mistake of his former lifetime, he got healed.

Chronic diseases happen because toxic emotions have deeply permeated the atomic structure of the body. Therefore, it can take a long time to heal a chronic disease. Of course, healing can take place much quicker depending on the efforts of the patient. Often diseases do not disappear or reappear because subconsciously the person does not want to be healed. Many people enjoy the attention and sympathy they get from others during their sickness. Therefore, at a deeper level, they develop a fondness for the disease or ailment that prevents permanent cure. Here also, we see emotions at work.

In conclusion, diseases have deep spiritual and psychological reasons. It is impossible to have a healthy physical body if your emotions are discordant and in turmoil—eventually, negative emotions will extract their price. Real healing takes place at inner levels and this can happen only when both thoughts and emotions are harmonious.

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